Ok now that you are through that first, awkward, weird and formal first date, what next? Do you wanna keep the balls of romance rolling? Then plan your next date without a delay and here are some beautiful ideas to make it a little informal and also a little closer. Now that it is going to be a little informal than the first meet, you would get a chance to open up better and more comfortable and you will find this a real fun-filled and interesting one. Yes, cute gifts for your girlfriend could get you closer and more intense too sometimes and you will get to know more about each other, you conveniences, preferences and choices.

  • Usually, people plan up to meet out at some coffee shops or for dinner outside. But why not cook something at home? And that too together so that you get to know more about the tastes and likes of each other? That sounds cool, right?
  • Take a bike on rent instead of your car and take your girl to places around your house or probably take her for a long ride where you have never-ending roads that would make your journey together in life a never-ending and memorable one.
  • You might choose to take her to a fortune-teller, for a twist and get her hear from the fortune teller that you are going to see your old age This would really make her happy and excited.
  • Make your home a theatre with a home theatre system and the ambience ready for a movie watch. Yes, you need not necessarily go to a movie elsewhere but make it happen at home, more comfortable and cozier and set up everything appropriately that would make you feel being in a theatre.

These ideas are sure to help you schedule your third date dates very soon.…