Have you noticed that no amount of preparation would sum up to be sufficient for a first date? Getting to know your date and finding that you do not sync is a totally different problem. But one of the biggest problems that most people face in their first date is the awkward silence that prevails in the beginning. This is in fact the toughest hurdle to overcome. Here are some ideas for you to frame your icebreaker questions for a first date:

  1. What do you like the most about this place?

This is a pretty easy topic to proceed with for starters. This would simply be a formal way to start the conversation as you would generally be talking about things around you. It would also give you hints about your date’s interests by knowing the things that he has been noticing from the time of arrival.

  1. This food reminds me of a place I know-

Fill in your favorite restaurant or a place. This would help connect the current situation with something that you like. This would help your date open up and express his opinion and even proceed to talking about his favorite food/restaurant and more.

  1. What’s the most interesting thing about you that I should know?

Asking a question about your date would show your interest. This would break the ice and help your date speak to you more frankly. Talking about oneself would definitely be the easiest topic and this would ease the tension a bit.

  1. Do you follow sports?

Getting to know about your date’s interest in sports comes with two benefits. You would have a great topic to talk about. The other perk is that you get an idea to plan your next date if you would like. Tickets to a game that is favorite to both of you would be a great start for a second date.…